creatio ex nihilo implies
… “the emergence of
all things from the …
nothingness of God.”

The “nothingness” is
the nothingness …
(that is) God himself,
i.e., creatio ex nihilo
implies that a thing
appears “out of no-
where,” and is not
caused by an identi-
fiable ground.

S. Zizek [on how Christianity already anticipates atheism, thus Zizek is not opposed to Christianity, insofar as it already knows more about nothingness than a too vulgar, too direct version of atheism would. This existentialist side of Christianity becomes apparent in Kierkegaard’s thinking. For him, doubt about God’s existence is part of the experience of religion. One could see in this step already the insight about how religion as a human quest of questioning existence does not necessarily have to arrive at certainty or at somethingness. Religion sublates itself, it is about nothingness and somethingness on equal terms.]


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