Hegel is to Kant as Žižek is to Derrida?


For the first time, I’m teaching one of Žižek’s more philosophical works rather than his more or less strict political interventions, or a work like Violence. That meant that I finally am finding the time to take a page-by-page look at Adrian Johnston’s Žižek’s Ontology (Northwester UP 2008). I previously dived in for some skim and read several chapters, but a friend was kind enough to get me a non-library copy for my birthday (yes, Adrian, your book is now a birthday gift—and I guess we should also call it a good stocking stuffer as well for those planning ahead), so now I can write in it and so on.

As is well known, Kant is both the closest figure to Hegel and the one that he can never mention except in the most scathing terms—what Žižek (I think) discusses somewhere in terms of the Freudian logic of the…

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