Psychoanalysis and the Unconscious


This may be a banal question for those who know the history of psychoanalysis well, but it would seem to me a helpful, if simple, pedagogical approach to testing out different figures is which Freud they read (duh–the point is coming). On the one hand, you have the Freudians of the Ich ohne Sinn, that is the Id as postulated as senseless, and therefore timeless, spaceless, etc. In short, you have the precursors to Kristeva’s semiotic. Then, on the other hand, there’s Zizek and Lacan, in which case, the unconscious is not without its superego, and therefore with an ordered structure. The reason I raise this is trying to answer students questions on how we move from a Freud who seems to ascribe such anarchy to the Id and then we get an approach in Zizek, for example, in which every pathology (and non-pathology for that matter) operates according to…

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