“The verdict noted that the report of [Lacan’s] wishes for burial were not a contention between Roudinesco and Lacan’s family – the claim that the latter did not respect Lacan’s wishes – but “between Lacan and Lacan himself”.” – “Roudinesco had suggested that Lacan wished for a Catholic funeral in Rome or Venice, despite his atheist convictions.. ..In the ensuing defamation trial, the French tribunal..gave its initial verdict in favour of Judith Miller, but did not recall the book to amend the claim. There then followed an appeal by Roudinesco and her publishers at Seuil (Lacan’s own former publishers), and last month the court reversed the decision of the previous judgement, deeming that the passage in question is not defamatory.” – http://ift.tt/Zny78L

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  1. Can anyone help me track down these references? As a longtime student/scholar of psychoanalysis and religion, I find them utterly fascinating. I suspect that the court’s final verdict was correct; that no slander was involved, because the conflict in question was between Lacan and himself, and Roudinesco’s recollections merely mirror that fact. This is also the thought that occurred to me when I read Lacan’s remark to the effect that Catholicism is “the one true religion”, implying that others are false or at least defective by comparison. But what can a statement like that possibly mean, coming from an atheist?

    So, with that said, I also wonder whether “conflict” is the best way of framing the issue. Perhaps Lacan simply wanted it both ways – in other words, to be, and to be perceived, as a loyal Catholic and a staunch atheist simultaneously, but without being much bothered about the tension/contradiction between these two stances/identities.

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