“Having accomplished this break from..patriarchal descriptions of woman as..enigmatic limit of male reason, Weininger..fails to go far enough. He fails to recognize in the ‘nothingness’ he discerns in woman, the very basis of subjectivity itself.” – T.Myers [on Otto Weininger’s Sex and Character (1903) which is exhibiting the same dangerous fantasies that we witnessed in Elliot Roger’s genocidal fantasies against women. – Andre Vantino] – “For Weininger,..man’s descent into sexuality creates woman in the first place. ..Weininger boldly proposes that ‘woman is the sin of man’,..produced by man and exists only in so far as man embraces his own sexuality at the expense of his spirituality. It is thus [for Weininger] unsurprising that woman’s one aim is to perpetuate the sexuality of man, because if she did not she would not exist. [Weininger’s sexism gnaws at itself:] as it is man’s ‘fault’ that woman exists in the first place, he is wracked by guilt at his crime and strives to placate that guilt by loving her.” – Tony Myers


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