“Does a particular film obscure the gaze throughout? Does it sustain the gaze as an unapproachable absence? Does it domesticate the trauma of the gaze through a fantasmatic scenario? Does it take this fantasmatic scenario so far as to undermine it from within?” – “Ideology constantly works to obscure the traumatic real of the gaze because this real threatens the stability of the social order that ideology protects. This stability depends on the illusion of wholeness and the power to account symbolically for everything. ..The big Other sustains its hold over the subject through the creation of a world of meaning: when one accepts the meaningfulness of this world, one subjects oneself to the big Other and its authority. ..The traumatic encounter reveals the nonsensical status of our master signifier. As Paul Eisenstein puts it, “It exposes the ridiculousness or stupidity of the principle that enables us to make sense of the world. It reveals the Law as something we institute.” – The Real Gaze – Todd McGowan

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