“The superego is the idea of ourselves, in the sense of a self which we know we are not, but we think we should represent it to the social sphere.” – We are humiliated when it becomes apparent to others that we are not that which we try to represent. This experience of humiliation takes place even when no others are there as witnesses of our actions, because others are always present in our behaviour in form of the gaze. The gaze is the presence of others regardless of the actual presence of anyone. – ANDRE VANTINO


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  1. Interesting. But it is sad to think someone would actually fit into this description. I can see how there can be people who fit in this description, but I would say i could mark a distinction of essential human types.

    • I think those who are famous are the most susceptible to it… for example I am a big fan of Filthy Frank on Youtube. who portrays an obscene superego, or primordial father figure…but when you get a glimpse of the real him its obvious he’s pretty just vain and one dimensional and sort of lives in a bubble with little ethical substance…but feels humiliated about it

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