“The opposition is thus not directly between “I speak” and “the Other speaks through me”.. ..When ‘it speaks ..through me’, it is not the big Other with speaks, [but] the failures, ..and inconsistencies of the big Other.” – ‘I am spoken’ , since my speech acts are totally regulated by the symbolic order in which I dwell. ..The only way for me to bring to word my subjective position of enunciation, is to let myself be surprised by what I say, to experience my own words as a case of ït speaks in..me”. This is what happens in the case of a symptom: in ..a symptom, ..my true subjective position finds a way to articulate itself against my will and intention. ..The Unconscious ..regiters the gaps and failures of the Other. ..The Unconscious is [no longer simply] the discourse of the Other.



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