we are fixated as “selves” or egos in words and identifications that represent us as subjects of desire (lack) or objects of the real (loss), we wear our masks comfortably, happily repressing the knowledge of who and what we are. Yet our desire is isolated in an absent Other knowledge we assume to be pregiven, natural, or innate. But, we are bothered by the Other’s jouissance there is a “beyond” in the pleasure principle only because our quests for pleasure always include dissatisfaction and loss. And this occurs, not simply because the pleasure “principle” or quest for satisfaction pushes us to repeat, but because we become affixed to repetitions rather than to satisfactions. Freud saw that “beyond” the pleasure prin­ ciple, we stumble onto death in the guise of repetition. – ELLIE-RAGLAND-Essays-on-the-Pleasures-of-Death

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