“that infinite virtuosity that always enters into the game and always runs off” – MAURICE BLONDEL on too much willing or too much desire that defines the human condition and that can be sublimated by the Lacanian drive in which one no longer wills, but rather enjoys the process itself, the process of lacking the object of desire, of circling around it. The death drive or life as being too much life is thus sublimated. The death drive is sublimated into the lacanian drive. It hasn’t changed its intensity, but the way one relates to it as our human condition has changed. Reconciliation with the death drive as unsublateable life drive was achieved through accepting the impossibility of reconciliation with the unsettling, machinic otherness in oneself over which one has only limited control, in example the death drive as it takes form in the partial drives, in the sexual enjoyment or the enjoyment of hearing someone’s voice, or in a visual enjoyment (scopic drive). http://ift.tt/1FMaPKl

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