“In the village at the foot of Castle Hill people use an illuminating saying. “‘We have a saying here that you may be familiar with: Official decisions are as shy as young girls.” – “‘That’s a sound observation,’ said K., ‘a sound observation. Decisions may have even other characteristics in common with girls.’ “ The most remarkable of these qualities is the willingness to lend oneself to anything, like the shy girls whom K. meets in The Castle and The Trial, girls who indulge in unchastity in the bosom of their family as they would in a bed. He encounters them at every turn; the rest give him as little trouble as the conquest of the barmaid. “They embraced each other; her little body burned in K.’s hands; in a state of unconsciousness which K. tried to master constantly but fruitlessly, they rolled a little way, hit Klamm’s door with a thud, and then lay in the little puddles of beer and the other refuse that littered the floor. Hours passed … in which K. constantly had the feeling that he was losing his way or that he had wandered farther than anyone had ever wandered before, to a place where even the air had nothing in common with his native air, where all this strangeness might choke one, yet a place so insanely enchanting that one could not help but go on and lose oneself even further.” We shall have more to say about this strange place. The remarkable thing is that these whorelike women never seem to be beautiful. Rather, beauty appears in Kafka’s world only in the most obscure places-among the accused persons, for example.” – Walter Benjamin. Illuminations http://ift.tt/1KuhISK


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