“My friend Michael and I are walking home arguing about the movie. He says that be believes a person can love someone and still be able to murder that person. I say, No, that’s not love. That’s attachment. Michael says, No, that’s love. You can love someone, then come to a day when you’re forced to think “it’s him or me” think “me” and kill him. I say, Then it’s not love anymore. Michael says, It was love up to then though. I say, Maybe we mean different things by the same word. Michael says, Humans are complicated: love can exist even in the murderous heart. I say that what he might mean by love is desire. Love is not a feeling, I say. And Michael says, Then what is it? We’re walking along West 16th Street – a clear unclouded night – and I hear my voice repeating what I used to say to my husband: Love is action, I used to say to him.” – Marie Howe, After the Movie http://ift.tt/1heLQs5


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