“I thought “let’s do OK Cupid! That’s never a disaster!” ..Nothing feels better than two weeks of strangers unsolicitedly lying to you about how they like your eyes and your sense of humor, or whatever.” – So this kid messaged me, and he didn’t have any clear photos up (I know) but he was engaging and witty and in a competitive design program. And so we agreed to a double date with some friends for the following weekend. And then he sent me a video project he’d been working on and he was so ugly. Reader, I never messaged him back. This is not a story about how I regret that action. This is a story about how he is sitting in this coffee shop right now across from a beautiful man with the jaw of an angel and the hair of Andrew Garfield, and I can’t go hit on the pretty one. ;___; There is no moral here, just a lot of lust. This extrapolates to the rest of my life as well. God bless. – source: “Being Taken Seriosly Despite Good Looks” http://ift.tt/1KxLk3H


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