“The object a, cause of desire and support of male fantasy, gets transposed onto the image of the woman as Other who then acts as its guarantee. The absolute ‘Otherness’ of the woman, therefore, serves to secure for the man his own self-knowledge and truth.” – Remember that for Lacan there can no such guarantee – there is no ‘Other of the Other’. His rejection of the category ‘Woman’, therefore, belonged to his assault on any unqualified belief in the Other as such …. This led Lacan to challenge the notions of ‘knowledge’ and ‘belief’, and the myths on which they necessarily rely. All Lacan’s statements against belief in the woman, against her status as knowing, problematic as they are, can only be understood as part of this constant undercutting of the terms on which they rest. – JACQUELINE ROSE http://ift.tt/1UrjC9M


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