“the … look of the mother ..guarantees its reality for the child. The mother … grants an image to the child. … The mirror image … is a misrecognition. … The mirror image represents the moment when the subject is located in an order outside itself to which it will henceforth refer.” – Symbolisation turns on the object as absence. … words stand for objects, because they only have to be spoken the moment when the first object is lost. For Lacan, the subject can only operate within language by constantly repeating that moment of fundamental … division. The subject is therefore constituted in language as this division or splitting (Ichspaltung).
Lacan termed the order of language the symbolic, that of the ego and its identifications the imaginary.

Desire … can be defined as the ‘remainder’ of the subject, something which is always left over, but which has no content as such. … Its place is both constitutive and empty.

The failure to grasp desire’s implications leads … to a reduction of sexuality back into the order of a need (something, therefore, which could be satisfied).

Subjects in language persist in their belief that somewhere there is a point of certainty, of knowledge and of truth. When the subject addresses its demand outside itself to another, this other becomes the fantasied place of just such a knowledge or certainty. Lacan calls the Other – the site of language to which the speaking subject necessarily refers. The Other appears to hold the ‘truth’ of the subject and the power to make good its loss. But this is the ultimate fantasy.
(J. Rose. Sexuality in the Field of Vision, p. 52, 53) http://ift.tt/1IXTywe


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