“The ‘immortality’ of which Lacan speaks (that of…the ‘undead’ lamella, the object that ‘is’ libido) can emerge only within the Horizon of human finitude, as a formation that stands for and fills the ontological Void” – (If the transcendental subject were not finite but infi we would be dealing not with transcendental constitution but with ‘intellec­ tual intuition’ – with an intuition that directly creates what it perceives: a prerogative of the infinite Divine Being.) So the point is not to deny the specifically human mode of ‘immortality’ (that of participating in a Truth­ Event sustaining a dimension irreducible to the constrained positive order of Being), but to bear in mind how this ‘immortality’ is based on the specific mode of human finitude

For Kant himself, the finitude of the transcendental subject is not a limitation of his freedom and transcenden­tal spontaneity, but its positive condition: if a human subject were to gain direct access to the noumenal domain, he would change from a free subject into a lifeless puppet directly confronted with and dominated by the awesome Divine Power.

Zizek. The Ticklish Subject http://ift.tt/1MiyE2j


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