“What I meant to ask you,” he began, “the case in my room had died just before I got here; have there been many deaths, since you came?” “Several, certainly,” answered Joachim. “But they are very discreetly managed, you understand; you hear nothing of them, or only by chance afterwards; everything is kept strictly private when there is a death, out of regard for the other patients, especially the ladies, who might easily get a shock. You don’t notice it, even when somebody dies next door. The coffin is brought very early in the morning, while you are asleep, and the person in question is fetched away at a suitable time too—for instance, while we are eating.” “H’m,” said Hans Castorp, and continued to draw. “I see. That sort of thing goes on behind the scenes, then.” “Yes—for



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He was one of those who make a regular scene at the end, and simply won’t die. So Behrens brought him up with a round turn: ‘Do me the favour not to behave like that,’ he said to him; and the patient became quite calm and died as quietly as you please.”



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She was in a fearful state when she saw she was going to die; and she was such a young girl, it was excusable, after all. But grown men behave like that too, sometimes, and it’s deplorably feeble of them, of course. Behrens knows how to treat them, he takes just the right tone in such cases.” “What kind of tone?” Hans Castorp asked with drawn brows. “ ‘Don’t behave like that,’ he tells them”


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