“The typical subject today is the one who, while displaying cynical distrust of any public ideology, indulges without restraint in paranoiac fantasies about conspiracies, threats, and excessive forms of enjoyment of the Other.” – The distrust of the big Other (the order of symbolic fictions), the subject’s refusal to “take it seriously,” relies on the belief that there is an “Other of the Other,” that a secret, invisible, and all-powerful agent effectively “pulls the strings” and runs the show. Behind the visible, public power, there is another obscene, invisible, power structure. This other hidden agent acts the part of the “Other of the Other in the Lacanian sense, the part of the metaguarantee of the consistency of the big Other (the symbolic order that regulates social life). – slavoj–zizek http://ift.tt/1EX9VhM


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