“A businessman once explained to me that negotiations are easiest completed if he throws something on the floor or in any other way makes an unexpected aggressive gesture.” – Ironically, the behavior of rioters on the streets of London is not so different from that of those who are running the corpo.rations that they looted, only that they expressed violence in a public sphere and they have been subject to criminal sanctions. The London riots have also shown another similarity between the higher and lower classesÑtheir almost religious love for luxury. During these riots, a casual observer recorded and forwarded to the media the conversation of some girls who were deciding what to steal from the shops that were broken into. One of the girls asked the other whether they should steal cosmetics from Boots (a nonexpensive drug store); the girl, however, responded that it is much better to loot The Body Shop since it has more expensive products. This example shows how much even the poorest people show a desire for luxury items and how effec.tive advertising has been in recent years. Advertising often presented desired consumer objects with the help of the idea of transgression. Here the sellers of sports goods and casual fashion clothes have been at the forefront of creating important points of identification among the poor youth. Thus, it is not surprising that among the most looted shops in the United Kingdom were those belong.ing to the sportswear chain JD Sports.20 In recent years, JD Sports in.vested heavily in a marketing campaign to become one of the most de.sired brands among British youth. An exceptional marketing success came when the company began propagating ÒGangster chicÓ and Òdan.ger wearÓ images. Many well-known brands were thus effectively pro.moting the idea that the consumer of their products is someone who goes against the regime. During the riots, the well-known retailer of denim, LeviÕs, withdrew its new advertising poster, which showed the back of a young, aggressive man dressed in LeviÕs walking toward a large group of police who were looking as if they were prepared for an attack. Underneath this image was written ÒGo forth!Ó21

salecl. violence as a response to the ideology of choice. Salecl.33-6 http://ift.tt/1Km6SLI


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