“falling in love instantly with an egg carton of strangers a day, but retain a weakness for a well made coat. I hated yours. You were not tall, but tall men scare me. You had the most beautiful face that I had ever seen.” – Before the instant was over, I was crushed, the juice running out of me like a blood orange. Do you remember, how it felt– that slap in the brain, behind the eyes by that heady, citrus scent? I wanted to lie down in a dim room, alone. Yet I don’t know which moment love is the name of: is it the stark shock of the the recognizing the very and specific face of your beloved? or is it looking away, instantly flushed and panting, walking quickly away with another man, to whom you have already said love too soon, emitting an intense yet noiseless tea kettle shriek? There should have been a yellow fire extinguisher within easy reach behind a thin pane of protective glass. (As the moment continued, I felt the unbearable sensation of knowing exactly how precious the world is.) – DANIELLE, edwardsaidruinedthenutcracker http://ift.tt/1iTZ4v5


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