“An answer to the question “Why do you love me?”, which consists of a well-defined list, is a rude and scornful insult and a direct negation of love.” – By it, the other is “objectivised” and denied existence as a subject. The only true answer to the question would be: “I do not know why, there is something in you, some x, something that gives a miraculous lustre to all your virtues…”. Proper “love” entails a feeling that one would still love a person if he or she lost all his or her positive features. In other words, the beloved is “set in an abyss”, all of his or her “positive” characteristics are trans-substantiated, they glow in some impalpable void and are in fact a “positivisation” of the void itself – of that x (“object small a” in Lacan’s terminology). SLAVOJ ZIZEK http://ift.tt/1MkXKwP


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