“the Superego is not some bright force of moral law constraining barbaric instincts and managing them with difficulty, but is usually connected with the Id and can be as cruel and “irrational” as the barbaric law which embodies the destructive “deadly instinct”.” – Nevertheless, Freud’s second topic also allows a different “conformist” reading which emphasises the Ego as a synthesising element which “rationally” harmonises the demands of reality and the Id. This reading prevailed in the 1940s, and resulted in the transformation of American psychoanalysis into a conformist ego-psychology. Accordingly, the aim of psychoanalysis is the strengthening of the patient’s Ego to enable him to adjust to (social) reality without irrational constraints. Naturally, the distinction between “normal” and “pathological” narcissism is indelibly marked by the tradition of ego-psychology, because the notion of “normal narcissism” is based on the “strong” Ego capable of performing its integrational role.
SLAVOJ ZIZEK (via slavoj–zizek) http://ift.tt/1L75Xm0


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