“If the sinner is, in terms of his libidinal economy, a pervert, Christ is clearly a hysteric.” – Insofar as he assumes the guilt of sinners and pays the price for it, he recognizes the sinners’ desire as his own. Christ desires from the place of the other (the sinner), this is the ground of his compassion for sinners. For hysterical desire is the desire of the other. In other words, the question to ask apropos of a hysteric is not “What does he/she desire? What is the object of his/her desire?” The real enigma is expressed in the question “From where does he/she desire?” The task is to locate the subject with whom the hysteric must identify to be able to accede to his/her own desire.
SLAVOJ ZIZEK. Looking_Awry http://ift.tt/1RFJfDC


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