“The..problem of the male and the female subjects is that they do not relate to what their partner relates to in them. The phallus..is nothing a man can be happy about. Although a woman relates precisely to this phallus, the man is not at all in control of it.” – A man thus constantly tries to take on his symbolic function, since he knows that the symbolic function is what the woman sees in him. However, he necessarily fails in this attempt, which causes his anxiety and inhibition. As Lacan points out, ‘‘The fact that the phallus is not found where it is expected, where it is required, namely on the plane of genital mediation, is what explains that anxiety is the truth of sexuality … The phallus, where it is expected as sexual, never appears except as lack, and this is its link with anxiety.’’ RENATA Salecl. Love and Sexual Difference
(via renata-salecl) http://ift.tt/1GQGPS1


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