“It is often said that cyberspace opens up the domain to realize (to externalize, to stage) our innermost fantasies. ..What fantasy stages is precisely the subject’s impossible Being” – No wonder, then, that the fundamental fantasy is passive, “masochistic,” reducing me to an object worked upon by others: It is as if only the experience of the utmost pain can guarantee to the subject the access to Being: la douleur d’exister means that I “am” only insofar I experience pain. At this point, a brief sur-vey of post-Cartesian philosophy is very instructive: It was haunted by the vestiges of an Other Scene at which the subject— this free ..agent—is reduced to an object of unbearable suffering or humiliation, deprived of the dignity of his freedom. SLAVOJ ZIZEK http://ift.tt/1lwWj3Q


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