“Perhaps we can try to break free from the impasse in which Freud finds himself by supposing that, possibly, the moral masochist really atones for a fault. In this case there would be no need to resort to the arbitrary sadistic enjoyment of the Super-Ego— a sort of deus ex machina that makes the theory work out satisfactorily, that brings the LP back to work. In fact, we see the punishing Super-Ego speaking in the first person in melancholia: the depressive subject who reproaches himself for terrible offences or inabilities, speaks from the position of a severe and pitiless judge. In melancholia, the Super-Ego is not unconscious, but speaks out loud: and we are also able to sense its enjoyment because something within the melancholic subject certainly enjoys maligning itself—it is the only enjoyment left to him. Is MM thus an unconscious melancholia? Is it the neurotic form of melancholia? In this case, in fact, the Super-Ego does not speak out loud: Freud reads its supposed traces only in behavior. He posits the force of a sadistic Super-Ego that does not express itself in the first person. Yet, there is a dissymmetry between depression and MM. Freud tries to explain why, in melancholia, the Super-Ego attacks the Ego: it is because the latter has taken the place of the disappointing object, and so the Super-Ego attacks the object, the one who has disappointed the Ego. Somewhere, then, there has been an offence: depression is thus simply a mistake of identifying the subject of the offence and the object of punishment. In MM, instead, an offence, or fault, is not so clearly seen: one can only see sadistic and masochistic enjoyments. MM is Kafkaesque: the punishment can be seen, but not the crime.” – Sergio Benvenuto – Freud and Masochism (psychomedia.it) http://ift.tt/1ZoqLvL

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