“Lacan introduces parlêtre as a new word for the unconscious wrought from parle and être. This word shows that psychoanalysis had changed. Per Miller, the axiomatic change of Lacan theory is the devaluation of language in favour of lalangue –which is part of the mystery of the speaking body. Language for Lacan, is a construction established by linguists whereas lalangue is’ ‘a state of language where the aim is not one of communication – it is before grammar and structure, before the separation between words.’ ‘Lalangue demonstrates that in the signifier there are elements of jouissance in the first place – that are not of meaning.’ ‘“there where it speaks it enjoys”. In this later teaching the signifier no longer mortifies but rather has an effect of jouissance. The first effect of language therefore is one of jouissance, there is no jouissance without a body’. ‘The speaking body is not solely jouissance or not only “telling”. An analyst, Anne Lysy states, “needs your body”. One must go to an analysis with a body. It is not possible via the internet.’” – http://ift.tt/1PkUoLL http://ift.tt/1V7vVty

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