“To describe ‘Woman as a symptom of man’ says nothing about women but it describes what is ‘wrong ‘with men. It does not try to say anything about the actual women. it says only that man are sexist by only seeing the fantasized women, not the actual person. the statement is not about a woman whose symptom is such and such but about a man whose symptom is that he is symptomatically oriented towards a fantasy of what ‘woman’ is. lacan is not doing essentialism because he does not reduce women to anything. he even says the Woman does not exist. which means any essentialism about any false notions of the absolute woman are false. And Zizek also tries to be clear that there is no woman who is a femme fatale, it is men who see women as femme fatale, which is tragic to both men and women, for it isolates them from each other. and the very idea that a woman is cold and manipulating is a patriarchal fantasy which even is the key idea of patriarchy that keeps the male world together as an idea and that makes us of trying to see a woman as an enemy which is an endeavor of patriarchy to justify their own power.” – http://ift.tt/1QUiqP5

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