“superego is not so much about transgression and superego does not happen hidden in the night. the fact that things happen hidden from us or hidden from our sight is what creates the impression that the law is obscene, that society is obscene, that we who want to be good and liked by society cannot be fully liked because society itself is not as pure as it pretended to be. and superego can be either the call to enjoy as much or in a different society that is one of prohibition and not of permissivity. The obscene society becomes a superego because it is too close, nothing is wanting in it, nothing is desiring and lacking, because the obscene society has all and is thus not cautious or sensitive about us, it rather is not aware of anything, is always to close, never has a sensitivity of boundaries or of wanting to win us over. as there is no desire left in permissivity, there is no way left to begin to find out how to be with others, since they are too fulfilled to even be interested in us.” – http://ift.tt/1IDDy9J

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