“That which there are secrets about becomes desirable. We want to know more about something when there are secrets about it. Without secrets, that which would otherwise not be ‘desired to be known,’ would be uninteresting and thus without secrets the information society would fall flat, we would simply stop googling things or reading articles. Thus it is of interest to those who rely economically on the scope and existence of the information society that people mystefy things in their lives and respond to the mystery by setting out on a quest, by logging into computers, and by spending chunks of their time online. Mystefication of something means that we overestimate something, we make it bigger then it is, by perceiving it as a secret. It is that ‘which impels its own discovery but which hasn’t yet been disclosed’ and might not be disclosable insofar as it does not exist but only appears to exist in the form of a secret. It takes only a secret to produce the tech geek who believes that there is always a truth to find, who ‘desires, discovers, and knows, a subject from whom nothing should be withheld’, Jodi Dean says in ‘Publicity’s Secret’” – http://ift.tt/1OmlEZw

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