“The object of desire is always beyond the subject’s grasp, and anything within her grasp cannot function as an object of desire.” – Turning Law Inside-Out – JEANNE SCHROEDER via mastersignifiers

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“Fantasies of satisfaction are defences against desiring” – Fantasies of satisfaction are ..the attempt in fantasy to take the risk out of the desire. – Adam Phillips, Missing Out. In Praise Of The Unlived Life, p143

“Our fantasies, in other words, may reveal that we are not excessively sexual, but excessively frightened of other people.” – That our fantasies at once formulate our desires – often in disguised form – and render them reassuringly impossible to realise. http://ift.tt/1DcBZZr

“the abyssal fantasmatic Real of the Feminine which threatens to devour the male subject, is, in its very horror, a defense, an escape from the Real of the Other’s (woman’s) desire” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK

“fantasy is ..that overspill ..of the Real that enables us to ‘pull ourselves out’, to preserve a kind of distance from the sociosymbolic order. When we go crazy in our obsession with mindless jouissance, even totalitarian manipulation cannot reach us” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK