the patient offers herself to the analyst as the ultimate measure of defense, in order to block the emergence of truth. ..Love emerges when the analysis comes too close to the unconscious traumatic truth

– SLAVOJ ZIZEK on the demand for love as the demand the shrink has to deny so that the patient can grow out of the role of using demand as prolongation of his or her situation

“Joe’s analysis comes to an end when she is able to witness how ..senseless her compulsion is.” On NYMPHOMANIC II

“Then Seligmann tries to have sex with Joe! ..Everything crumbles. ..He heard nothing but her symptomatic demand to be used, and in so doing he symbolically annuls her true desire.” on NYMPHOMANIAC II

I disagree with the above slightly. Joe does not need to see her nymphomania in a new light, she needs to relate to someone in a new light. – ANDRE VANTINO

“a psychotic ..lacks ..the unconscious background which gives the words we use their libidinal resonance, their specific subjective weight and color.” – Without this background, psychoanalytic interpretation is powerless, inoperative