“Wagner was Nietzsche’s symptom: the element Nietzsche..needed in order for his thought to retain its..coherence by way of projecting into it all that he found..despicable in himself” – S.Zizek. In: “Gaze And Voice As Love Objects” (via slavoj—zizek)

“A phobia is a conviction that bad things are unspeakable, and therefore that the unspeakable is always bad.” – And this makes ..understandings for the phobic person always dangerous. If you articulate the terror for the phobic person he may be persecuted by it again.

Adam Phillips, On Kissing, Tickling And Being Bored

“Objet a is an excess or surplus in jouissance that bears witness to a tie between the world and the body at the level of the already constituted meaning one might call the symptom” – the object a is not das Ding an sich, it is not a logically decipherable presence either.