“the Other does not provide us with an answer. ..The subject is “an answer of the Real” + not “answer of the Other”. ..The subject situates jouissance in the body, in the Real of the body. ..There is no longer a jouissance prescribed by the Other, but a jouissance entailed in the particular drives.” – Before, the subject situated all jouissance on the side of the Other and took a stance against this (a position that was particular to this particular subject, i.e., its fundamental phantasm)



“the abyssal fantasmatic Real of the Feminine which threatens to devour the male subject, is, in its very horror, a defense, an escape from the Real of the Other’s (woman’s) desire” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK

“The aggressiveness of the narcissist is related to the fact that the integrity of the visible image is established in spite of the uncoordinated ..disintegration of the real body.” – VICTOR MAZIN

the real choice is not between sticking to the unversality of the symbolic Law, trying to purify it of its obscene supplements and [the second option of] dismissing this very universal dimension as a theater of shadows dominated by the Real of obscene fantasies. – SLAVOJ ZIZEK

“the failure of symbolic fiction .., that the big Other doesn’t exist as the efficient symbolic fiction, ..induces tthe subject to cling more and more to imaginary simulacra.” – That the big Other doesn’t exist as the efficient symbolic fiction ..triggers the need for violence in the Real of tthe body itself (cutting and piercing the flesh)