“The..subject..sets off in search of the object that he believes can..complete him, fill out his lack. [But actually this] very act of questioning provides an answer: ..Hysterical interrogation..always already contains its own answer.” – Ben Ramm [on how the hysteric seeks to be completed and at the same time refuses to be completed by the Other, in order to remain stuck in the state of desiring and thus of lacking, in order to feel the lack that comes with human existence. – Andre Vantino]

“The error of desire is to think that there is something that fits and fills out desire. Ben Ramm writes, the error of the hysterically desiring man is to search for “the object that he believes can..complete him, fill out his lack”.” – Andre Vantino on Lacan

“The subject thus assumes guilt by means of the sacrificial gesture, shielding the Other from ‘the devastating knowledge of [the subject’s] inconsistency’. ..This looking awry from the Other’s inconsistency is achieved trough the staging of a..search operation by means of which we seek to convince the Other that it is we who are lacking, tht we continue to seek out the secret agalma.” – Ben Ramm