“Beware of the dreams of others, because if you are caught in their dream, you are done for.” – [“When you’re trapped in the dream of the other, you’re fucked.” We could only trace it back to a book where Zizek quotes Deleuze as saying this.. ..There’s a lecture typed up somewhere that has that line in it as well, but importantly, at least here, Deleuze is talking about Minnelli’s films”). – blerchin.tumblr.com] – “What is the Creative Act?” – Gilles Deleuze


“We are not in the world, we become with the world; we become by contemplating it. Everything is vision, becoming. We become universes. Becoming animal, plant, molecular, becoming zero” – [on becoming lack in order to be with the gaze] “It is Mrs. Dalloway who perceives the town—but because she has passed into the town like “a knife through everything” and becomes imperceptible herself.” – What is Philosophy? – F.G.,G.Deleuze

“This is Cezanne’s enigma..: “Man absent from but entirely within the landscape.” Characters..and the author can only create them, because they do not perceive but have passed into the landscape and are themselves part of the compound of sensations.” – “Ahab really does have perceptions of the sea, but only because he has entered into a relationship with Moby Dick that makes him a becoming-whale and forms a compound of sensations that no longer needs anyone: ocean. ..Affects are..these nonhuman becomings of man, just as percepts—including the town—are nonhuman landscapes of nature. Not a ‘minute of the world passes,’ says Cezanne, that we will preserve if we do not ‘become that minute.” – What is Philosophy? – F.G.,G.Deleuze