“It is the law of the pleasure principle, which commands the subject to “Enjoy as little as possible!”, and thus maintains the subject at a safe distance from the Thing.” – The Oedipus complex represents the regulation of desire by the law. ..“Desire is the reverse of the law.” ..Law imposes limits on desire

(citing Lacan’s Écrits. p.787) – http://ift.tt/1Ma82NL

“It is not that ..we repress some traumatic content, and then this content continues to haunt us, repeating itself in disguised forms. ..Repression emerges with the “reification” of the Real into a Thing that resists symbolization. – Then the repressed Real repeats itself.” – Slavoj Zizek, Less Than Nothing

“Alexandre Leupin describes this surplus in language or in the body as the quality of meaning Lacan called the jouissance” – ELLIE RAGLAND

“We are used to the real.. ..The real exsists as a kind of “extimate” object at a point where subjects are objects—the gaze, the voice, the void, and so on, not masters of the word.” – THE PLEASURES OF DEATH – ELLIE RAGLAND

“symptom – ..the way everyone enjoys the unconscious insofar as they are determined by the unconscious.” – http://ift.tt/1AzwKUo 31 R.S.I., in Ornicar, 3, 1975, lesson of 2/18/75: “Je définis le symptôme par la façon dont chacun jouit de l’inconscient entant que l’inconscient le détermine” – JACQUES LACAN