“What Levinas, with all his celebration of Otherness, fails to take into account is not some underlying Sameness of all humans ….but radically ïnhuman” Otherness itself: the Otherness of a human being reduced to inhumanity” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK


“The elementary gesture of justice is not to show respect for the face in front of me, to be open to its depth, but to abstract from it and refocus onto the faceless Thirds in the background.


such a shift of focus […] uproots justice, liberating it from the contingent […] link that renders it “embedded” in a particular situation.

When Levinas endeavors to ground ethics in the Other’s face, is he not still clinging to the ultimate root of the ethical commitment afraid to accept the abyss of the rootless Law as the only foundation of ethics?” – Slavoj Zizek