“Danyers’s actual falling in love with her would mean the fulfillment of her desire. However, this is what the hysteric cannot accept: her desire has to remain unsatisfied. … Socrates refuses Alcibiade’s courting and does not recognize himself as the loved one because “for [Socrates] there is nothing in himself worthy of love. His essence was that ouden, emptiness, hollowness… .” Socrates’ refusal to acknowledge himself as the loved one and to return love discloses the traumatic, empty nature of the object of love. … When Socrates refuses to be the object worthy of Alcibiades’ desire, he uncovers how the object of love does not possess what the loving one expects.” – RENATA SALECL

“For the masochist, castration has not been completed, which means that the symbolic law did not become fully operative.” – This is why the masochist, in his ritual torture, caricatures castration and tries to make the law operative through the contract with his mistress. The Cut In The Body – RENATA SALECL

“The subject ..for whom the castration was effective is always unsatisfied with the ways in which he or she tries to fill the lack: the subject thus complains about the law that supposedly prevents his or her enjoyment; however, the subject finds a special enjoyment in this very dissatisfaction.” – The Cut In The Body – RENATA SALECL