The Kantian Real is the noumenal Thing beyond phenomena. – SLAVOJ ZIZEK

The Hegelian Real is the gap itself between the phenomenal and the noumenal, the gap which sustains freedom. – SLAVOJ ZIZEK

(source: “Deleuze As Hegelian”)


[Desire, not drive, does] strive towards impossible fullness and then, being forced to renounce it, get stuck onto a partial object as its remainder

external reality has to be “sutured” by a subjective element, an artificial supplement that must be added to it in order to generate the effect of reality.. ..This, for Lacan, is the objet petit a: the subjective element constitutive of objective-external reality. – SLAVOJ ZIZEK

[on objet a as what gives the impression that a deeper reality is hidden behind a surface]

In neurosis, we are dealing with hysterical blindness or loss of the voice, that is, the voice or gaze are incapacitated. – Less Than Nothing

in psychosis, on the contrary, there is a surplus of the gaze or voice, for a psychotic experiences himself as gazed upon (paranoiac) or he hears (hallucinates) non-existing voices. In contrast to both these stances, a pervert uses the voice or gaze as an instrument, he “does things” with them. (Slavoj Zizek)