“However much he stuffs himself, he cannot fill up the hole that constitutes the drive of his actions.” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK on why Don Juan is ready to go from one seduction to the next, never hoping to arrive anywhere + how ‘this makes Don Juan a figure of the drive’ in the Lacanian sense of ‘drive’ as a circling around the libidinal object, as an aiming without an aim, an aiming that has no goal, no absolute Thing to arrive at, an aiming that has only the aiming itself as its goal. http://ift.tt/1P0LzYn

“Man projects onto woman an ideal she can never attain, and so, in loving woman, man really loves himself. In fact, man loves the better part of himself, the ideal, spiritual side, rather than the tainted sexual side of his senses.” – By so doing, man betrays not only himself, because he fails to realize his ..potential in himself, but he also betrays woman, because he disregards her empirical actuality, subjecting her to an Imaginary idealism.

– TONY MYERS http://ift.tt/1ybzWAV

“Lou Salome experienced ..fire and coldness. The ‘ice’ was prescribed not by a rejection of passsion, but by the orientation toward the lost object of love.” – THE FEMME FATALE – VICTOR MAZIN

“Like Elliot Rodger, Weininger was sadly full of hatred against women because he could not accept that subjectivity is empty.” – He saw in woman a lack of content or morality and his reaction was that the power this suppsed lack has over men should be avoided by avoiding women altogether. Thus he saw no escape but suicide. His book sex and character is a testimony of this way of thinking that haunts us till today. In the cases of both men, woman was a symptom of man.