“In the act of identifying myself with a symbolic identity, I become who ideology wants me to become and thereby deny ..that I am never identical to what I am.” – Sartre links any affirmation of identity to bad faith. ..Bad faith accepts symbolic identity as accurately defining the subject, and thus it produces a subject without any awareness of its own role in constituting and taking on this identity. – TODD MCGOWAN http://ift.tt/1PAb2CV

“When all weight tends to dwindle away from things, ..the question looms ..”Why are there beings at all instead of nothing”” – (via Alterities) — BEING AND TIME — MARTIN HEIDEGGER

“the emotions I feel and “feign” as part of my onscreen person are not simply false. Although what I experience as my “true self” does not feel them, they are…in a sense “true”.” – In sexual games,…a shy man often assumes the on-screen persona of an attractive promiscuous woman. …