“Strong language is often an outlet for a feeling of an over-abundance of inner life. d” – ANDRE VANTINO on what is described by Freud as death instinct, as overintensity of life that cannot be fully stifle http://ift.tt/1dpxovt

“The psychoanalyst is the empty vessel, the listener supposed to listen through whom we are coming to terms with the lack at the centre of subjectivity” – Psychoanalysis is language based, it is a working through, and this happens through language. How can one work with language? By having the analyst present as the locus that gives my language a direction as if it gives the lack of myself and the lack of language a locus or a meaning through which one can arrive at being okay with lack + with lack of meaning.

– ANDRE VANTINO http://ift.tt/1JDNGe3

“a psychotic ..lacks ..the unconscious background which gives the words we use their libidinal resonance, their specific subjective weight and color.” – Without this background, psychoanalytic interpretation is powerless, inoperative


“Alexandre Leupin describes this surplus in language or in the body as the quality of meaning Lacan called the jouissance” – ELLIE RAGLAND