“There is always a ..belief that by destroying the thing that we love we destroy our needs” – ADAM PHILLIPS http://ift.tt/1AKEpvF

“It is as if her message is: let’s fuck as soon as possible in order to stifle the thriving fantasies, before they overwhelm us again.” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK on libido as that which plagues us, which makes our life somehow irrational, somehow beyond mere pleasure. Sexuality is not just pleasure, also it is not just purely an urge, but it is a very different drive, less a biological one and more a weird one, a drive which makes us almost too alive, almost too unable to ever know what it wants us to do, a drive that can be tamed by love, sublimated in the sense in which this drive is stifled by accepting that it cannot be stifled, by making this drive the Lacanian drive. Zizek speaks from the experience in which making love is ‘a desperate preventive measure aimed at keeping at bay the spectral netherworld of fantasies’. This netherworld is nothing forbidden or crazy, but simply the netherworld of existence, of being alive and being unable to know how to respond to this aliveness. http://ift.tt/19fgDjV