“The melancholic incessantly verbalises self-reproach. ..Freud notes a ‘trait of insistent communicativeness which finds satisfaction in self-exposure’” – Death-and-Desire-in-Hegel-Heidegger-and-Deleuze http://ift.tt/1cxiguU

“Each time it is necessary to take on a symbolic position, there is only a void. ..The symbolic Other is not there to situate him + so all he is left with is his own image, unanchored. ..And so, perhaps, comes the certainty of being worthless ..or condemned + the ..identification with the dead” – DARIAN LEADER on the lost one as the lost Other who was able to situate us + on the melancholic’s lack of such “an ideal point ..from which he can see’ himself as lovable http://ift.tt/1J17OIN