“The enthusiasm of fans for their..star and the..trance of a devout Catholic in the presence of the Pope are..the same..” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK on jouissance as the objet a that makes someone seemingly special http://ift.tt/1PTdVPx

external reality has to be “sutured” by a subjective element, an artificial supplement that must be added to it in order to generate the effect of reality.. ..This, for Lacan, is the objet petit a: the subjective element constitutive of objective-external reality. – SLAVOJ ZIZEK

[on objet a as what gives the impression that a deeper reality is hidden behind a surface]

“Objet a is an excess or surplus in jouissance that bears witness to a tie between the world and the body at the level of the already constituted meaning one might call the symptom” – the object a is not das Ding an sich, it is not a logically decipherable presence either.


“The object a is defined here as condensed or materialized jouissance with which the subject identifies itself as an object that causes its own desire.” – If one thinks of the petit a as a positivization of the negativity of loss—a retrieval of a wisp—one may speak of the enjoyment of meaning or jouis-sens wherein ego becomes an object reducible to the death drive.