“Your total lack of feeling for the ..shame you could inflict on me with you judgments.” – KAFKA – LETTER TO THE FATHER

“The respect for the father ..needs to be understood as a way in which the subject tries to avoid the recognition that ..there is nothing behind his authority.” – Respect, therefore, has to do with the subject’s relation to the lack in the other, which also means that respect is just another name for the anxiety that the subject feels in regard to this lack.

The Cut In The Body – Renata Salecl

“the injunction to cultivate ..extreme individualization reverts to its opposite, leading to the ultimate identity crisis” – subjects experience themselves as radically unsure, with no ‘proper face’, changing from one imposed mask to another, since what is behind the mask is ultimately nothing.
– SLAVOJ ZIZEK The Ticklish Subject: The Absent Centre of Political Ontology

“parents who try to hide from their children that heir adult life as parents is not just pure or just nonobscene ideal and innocent.” – those parents embody the big Other just as much as a stalinist leader who expects his subjects to do everything for the big Other he is embodying while at the same time he makes it impozsible for them to ever do anything right’, Zizek writes.