“It is that moment when we realize that something is not being taken away from us, but always was already taken away” – ANDRE VANTINO on Lacan’s term ‘symbolic castration’ http://ift.tt/1GrrZ24

“In the passing of the oedipus complex the subject identifies with the former rival and […] chooses a substitute object outside the family fold. (“I want a girl just like the girl that married dear ole Dad” – but not the same girl, who is already taken.” – The subject’s excessive desire sends him out of the tragic enclosure, on his way in search of another hookup. The motivation […] is not lack, as Deleuze and Guattari insist, but excess.


“The subject ..for whom the castration was effective is always unsatisfied with the ways in which he or she tries to fill the lack: the subject thus complains about the law that supposedly prevents his or her enjoyment; however, the subject finds a special enjoyment in this very dissatisfaction.” – The Cut In The Body – RENATA SALECL