“People who hear voices often relate this to the feeling of superego pressure.” – Often the voice goes away when they find a different job in which they are able to feel closer to doing what they desire. The voice in their heads is less dominating when they feel they make their own choices in life.

– ANDRE VANTINO http://ift.tt/1Blifih

the enigmatic message of the Other derails the subject’s automaton, opens up a gap which the subject is free to fill in with his (ultimately failed) endeavours to symbolize it.


In neurosis, we are dealing with hysterical blindness or loss of the voice, that is, the voice or gaze are incapacitated. – Less Than Nothing

in psychosis, on the contrary, there is a surplus of the gaze or voice, for a psychotic experiences himself as gazed upon (paranoiac) or he hears (hallucinates) non-existing voices. In contrast to both these stances, a pervert uses the voice or gaze as an instrument, he “does things” with them. (Slavoj Zizek)