“[Eyes Wide Shut is not a film about] a couple who get seduced into fantasizing and then, just before getting lost in this abyss of all­-consuming desire, they control themselves and step back.” – SLAVOJ ZIZEK on how fantasy is where we go to escape the intensity of life. Death drive is what creates this feeling of being too alive, death drive in Lacan’s sense of being the impasse, the irresolvability of desire which is at the core of subjectivity. In this regard, death drive is not simply found just in selfdestructive people but in anyone who is still alive enough to feel something unsettling about desire and about life. http://ift.tt/1eLa4s8

“In Lost Highway, Fred suspects that Renee’s previous life involved ..some secret … place of … obscene enjoyment. ..Fred, … sentenced to death for the murder … of Renee, … transforms into another person (Pete) in his prison cell.” – ..A bizarre shift from the dull … existence of the impotent husband … to the exciting and dangerous life of ..Pete who is seduced by the ..femme fatale reincarnation of Renee. ..This shift … represents Fred’s psychotic hallucination … of himself as a virile lover, … after the slaughter of his wife

– SLAVOJ ZIZEK http://ift.tt/1E8ZZKt

“It is as if in order ..to desire her, to have sexual intercourse with her, ..Scottie has to mortify her, to change her into a dead woman. It’s as if, again, for the male libidinal economy, ..the only good woman is a dead woman. ..He has totally to erase the woman as a desiring entity. That’s for him the condition to desire. ~SLAVOJ_ZIZEK” – http://ift.tt/1Ks6ayg